Hybris [2017]

by Infinity

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wayne-the-devil This is one of the best Black Metal albums of 2017 thus far. Every song is strong, stand alone and pure Black Metal. Loved it. Favorite track: At the Crossroads.
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Hybris was recorded, mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studio [Stockholm] by Tore Stjerna during September / October 2016

All music written by INFINITY:

Balgradon Xul: vocals, drums, bass guitar
Draconis: guitars, backing vocals, guitars


released June 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Infinity Zevenhuizen, Zuidplas, The Netherlands


"With the eternal hunger for occult gnosis, chaos and death,
we walk the path of the Adversary and praise the ancient Gods of the Abyss.
INFINITY is a channel which connects us to the Source beyond this world,
from where we spread the Devil’s poison”

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  • Dec 03
    Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Track Name: Destroy the Human Within
Destroy the Human Within

Feel the flame within your soul - A hunger for self destruction
A strong overwhelming desire - Yearning to be free!

As I walk the dreamless roads of despair
Dwelling in nihilistic circles, without hope.. without light
Too cold for this world, too wicked for a peaceful life
Itís the deep six, because freedom is never free

Ignite the flame within
Burn the chains of tyranny
Awake and ride the snake
Satan in rapture reborn

Ignite the flame within
Burn the chains of tyranny
Awake and ride the snake
Destroy the human within

A flame, so powerful, so brightÖ the all consuming fire
Like a funeral pyre it burns in the depths of my heart
It burns in rage to break outÖ Out of the cosmic prison
Release the merciless beast with wings of fire and flames

The dark temptationÖ to be devoured by the crawling chaos
Demons screaming from the yawning mouth of oblivion
For my soul is damned and scarred with seven deadly sins
Lilith! Queen of demonsÖ I enter your burning womb
Track Name: Wrath of the Djinn
Wrath of the Djinn

In a time before time - When the void gave birth to life
The light gave birth to angels - And the earth gave birth to man

The smokeless flames of fire brought forth the mighty Djinn
Condemned and cursed to dwell in the void between the worlds

They were the masters of the Earth - Long before the race of man
Malevolent evil spirits - Shapeshifting through the night

Proud they turned their backs against the cosmic order
They refused to prostrate before the creature, born of clay

With flaming swords, held up to the night sky
They declared the war against the heavens

What prevented you, from prostrating, when I commanded you?

I am better than him. You created me from fire.
And You created him from clay

They haunt places where the veil is thin
Across the deserts and the wastelands
From the bowels of the Earth - And on top of the highest mountains

They corrupt the hearts and minds of the weak and feeble humans
Rise and usurp the world of man - Behold the wrath of the Djinn!
Track Name: Hybris

Hear the whispering voice of the Void
Calling beyond the veils of time and space
A thundering darkness of unearthly might
The dragon stirs within, rise up to the stars

Inside we bear the black flame of Satan
We rebel against the laws of man and gods
We inherit the burning flame of hybris
Glorious we walk the path of madness and sin

Teach us the forbidden arts of alchemy
Enlighten our hearts and souls with divine wisdom
Elevate our spirits with wings of fire
And open the pathways to astral worlds beyond

Open our serpentine eye, so that we may see beyond
The illusions and lies of the oppressor
Teach us the art of witchcraft and magic
Reveal to us the mysteries of the black sun

We shall rebuild the City of the Golden Gates
Upon the skulls and bones of our enemies
Track Name: At the Crossroads
At The Crossroads

Standing at the crossroads
The storm is getting closer
Onwards into the unknown
The path were stars align

A black whirlwind of ravens
An endless yawning darkness
Lies dormant within the shadows
And lurks at the threshold beyond

I call upon the dead names
Awake from your deathless sleep
Rise from the darkest depths
Through the gateway between worlds

Standing at the crossroads
Hellhounds are crying my name
Gaze into the abyss of madness
Demonic tentacles are reaching for my soul

Standing at the crossroads
I scream in anger to the skies
Into the timeless storm
Were past, present and future are one

Join the black whirlwind of ravens
Circling around the throne
Red eyes glowing in the shadows
Hellhounds are approaching

Angels weeping for my soul
All innocence to be shattered
No remorse, no regrets…
As I walk the path of sin
Track Name: Oracle of the Dead
Oracle of the Dead

At the confluence of two mystic rivers
Lies the ancient sacred temple of the dead
A dark and subterranean crypt of stone
Gateway to the palace of the underworld

Through the dark passageway, the celebrants slowly walk
Led by the priest into rooms of preparation
The blood of sacrifice run deep into the earth
Souls of the deadÖ arise!

In the corridors - of this darkened maze
You can feel the coldness - of their deadly gaze
From the depths of Hades - they found their way
Deep down from the kingdom - of shadows and decay

Oracle of the Dead!
Behold the Necromanteion!

Down into the corridors of the labyrinth
Among the incense and the candle flames
We perform the unholy sacred ritual
A gate between the living and the dead

Sailing down the rivers of oblivion
To enter the world between worlds
Through the astral realms I wander
As I inhale the shamanic smoke

Volg het pad door de koude wateren
Schaduwen dansen in het licht van de volle maan
Een ijzige nevel zweeft boven de rivier des doods
Tijdloze echoís die wederklinken in de duisternis
Vijf mysterieuze rivieren die samenvloeien
Tot de poort naar de eeuwige onderwereld

Luister naar de klaagzang van verloren zielen
Die eeuwig dwalen in de schaduwen van het schimmenrijk
Track Name: The Mountain of Oath
The Mountain of Oath

From the heavens they came to wander the earth
Angelic nomads who delivered us the fruits of sin
And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied
That in those days were born unto them
Beautiful and comely daughters

And the angels of the heaven, saw and lusted after them...
ëCome, let us choose us wives from the progeny of men
and beget us childrení

Let us swear an oath, and all bind ourselves by mutual imprecations
We will not abandon this plan
and all shall carry the curse of this great sin

On the mountain of oath they had sworn
and bound themselves by mutual imprecations
Two hundred in number, they descended to primal Earth
From the heavens they came... to grant us the seed of the Serpent

Semyaza - Infamous angel of rebellion
Leader of the descended watchers
Grant us the forbidden fruits of sorcery
and reveal to us the secrets of heaven,
the mysteries divine
Serpent Angels, grant us your blessings
Forever bound by the bloodline of fire

Azazel - Fire-Djinn of the Southern Quarter
He who taught man to make instruments of warfare

Be our torch which would ignite our souls
On the path of shadows unto light

The divine sparks of the smokeless fire
are burning in our heart and souls
Behold the wrath of the Black Sun
Spirits of the Nephilim reborn!
Track Name: Prometheus Unbound
Prometheus Unbound

Immortal Titan, who shaped man out of mud
Who defied the gods with tricks and rebelliousness
He teached man useful skills and made them powerful
By granting them the gift of fire

The spark within our souls Will set our spirits free Prometheus unbound
The fire of the gods Is burning in our hearts Prometheus unbound

Immortal Titan, who defied the laws of Zeus
He climbed the mountains to the highest heavens
to steal the divine everburning torch
And planted the seed of fire deep within our souls

For His hubris He was cruelly punished
Chained underneath the mountains rocks
Tormented day and night by a giant eagle
Who teared at His ever-regenerating liver

But it was not eternal, for He is the god of forethought
Without any tears to shed He waited silently
The gods omnipotence wonít bound Him forever
For the seed of fire will evolve and ignite the soul of man

Awake the immortal fire, which was hidden from us for so long
Purify us in perfection, so that we might become as gods
In our souls we carry His mighty titanic spark
We shall set the world on fire and rebel in His name!

Curse you all! Jealous gods of tyranny
Who tried to destroy our spirit since we walked the earth
Our resurrection will be your ultimate demise
As the oppressors will loose their might
and their hearts will burn with envy
Track Name: LCF

I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end
For I am the first and the last. I am the honored one and the scorned one

I am the bright morning star, descended from Heaven’s grace
I came not to send peace on Earth, but a sword

I will ascend into heaven
and exalt my throne above the stars
I will sit upon the mount of congregation
in the uttermost parts of the north
I will ascend above the heights of the clouds
I will make myself like the Most High

I bring the fruits of wisdom and the inner gnostic teachings
But my brilliant light will remain darkness in the eyes of the blind

For my sleeping seed lies deep within the soul of man
Awaiting to be reawakened to rise up to the stars

In Nomine - Dei Nostri Satanas - Luciferi Excelsi
In Nomine - Dei Nostri Satanas - Luciferi Excelsi

I am the light of the world
He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness

I was there on Mount Golgotha where the sacrifice took place
The holy blood was spilled and flowed into the grave of Adam