Hybris [2017]

by Infinity

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released March 26, 2017



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Infinity Zevenhuizen, Zuidplas, The Netherlands


"With the eternal hunger for occult gnosis, chaos and death,
we walk the path of the Adversary and praise the ancient Gods of the Abyss.
INFINITY is a channel which connects us to the Source beyond this world,
from where we spread the Devil’s poison”

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Track Name: LCF

I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end
For I am the first and the last. I am the honored one and the scorned one

I am the bright morning star, descended from Heaven’s grace
I came not to send peace on Earth, but a sword

I will ascend into heaven
and exalt my throne above the stars
I will sit upon the mount of congregation
in the uttermost parts of the north
I will ascend above the heights of the clouds
I will make myself like the Most High

I bring the fruits of wisdom and the inner gnostic teachings
But my brilliant light will remain darkness in the eyes of the blind

For my sleeping seed lies deep within the soul of man
Awaiting to be reawakened to rise up to the stars

In Nomine - Dei Nostri Satanas - Luciferi Excelsi
In Nomine - Dei Nostri Satanas - Luciferi Excelsi

I am the light of the world
He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness

I was there on Mount Golgotha where the sacrifice took place
The holy blood was spilled and flowed into the grave of Adam
Track Name: Hybris

Hear the whispering voice of the Void
Calling beyond the veils of time and space
A thundering darkness of unearthly might
The dragon stirs within, rise up to the stars

Inside we bear the black flame of Satan
We rebel against the laws of man and gods
We inherit the burning flame of hybris
Glorious we walk the path of madness and sin

Teach us the forbidden arts of alchemy
Enlighten our hearts and souls with divine wisdom
Elevate our spirits with wings of fire
And open the pathways to astral worlds beyond

Open our serpentine eye, so that we may see beyond
The illusions and lies of the oppressor
Teach us the art of witchcraft and magic
Reveal to us the mysteries of the black sun

We shall rebuild the City of the Golden Gates
Upon the skulls and bones of our enemies