The Arcane Wisdom of Shadows [2008]

by Infinity

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Released on CD by Bloodred Horizon Records in 2008.
Released on gatefold LP by Obscure Abhorrence Productions in 2008.

Released digitally by INFINITY on January 22, 2017.


released January 22, 2017

This album is recorded and mixed between july-november 2007 at Vortex Studio (Zevenhuizen, The Netherlands).
Recorded and mixed by B.Xul.
Mastered at Necromanteion Studio by H.Xul
Lyrics, art direction and layout by B.Xul.

Line up:
Balgradon Xul: vocals, drums, guitars, bass
Andras: guitars



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Infinity Zevenhuizen, Zuidplas, The Netherlands


"With the eternal hunger for occult gnosis, chaos and death,
we walk the path of the Adversary and praise the ancient Gods of the Abyss.
INFINITY is a channel which connects us to the Source beyond this world,
from where we spread the Devil’s poison”

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  • Dec 03
    Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Track Name: From The Eternal Sea He Rises
From The Eternal Sea He Rises

A cold misty fog caresses me
through these dark paths of misery
The dark purple aura which surrounds
my darkened soul
leads me to the cold pits of isolation
where I dwell in solitude

Deep down through subterranean gateways,
the roots of the tree of life
reaches the kliffotic realm of shades

A universe reversed
Serpents eyes full of fire,
Staring from behind...
The black mirror of dreams

From the eternal sea He rises
in divine madness

I summon thee, Serpent Angel
- who comes as shadow but is revealed as light
From the darkest depths of the roaring Abyss
- Visions rising from the hellish flames
Absorbing through the spectral eye of Set
Unlimited powers of chaotic divinity
- Demons awaiting at the gates of Da’ath

From the eternal sea He rises
in divine madness

Salvation... Through self-destruction
Ignite my soul!
Bless me with Thy immortal fire
In darkness lies the eternal mysteries
The darkened paths to immortality
The Light of all Lights...
Revealed through the Darkest of Shadows
Track Name: Our Merciless Rage
Our Merciless Rage

... And the stars reveal the signs of horror
for times yet to come
The long awaited circle is complete and destroyed
Gaze into the horizons of endless night
We are not from this place,
not of this time
Through the black shivering astral lights we dwell
in a place unknown by mortals,
far beyond the stars

Longing to destroy this cosmic tyranny,
created by the demiurge
The black flame rises high within our souls,
which is the legacy of Lucifer’s might

He who is the most enlightened of all
will cast the darkest shadow

Crossing the gates to worlds beyond
Our ancestral bloodline awakens within us
Remembering the celestial war before existence
The glory of the ancient past
will never be forgotten by us

His brilliant light will forever remain darkness
in the eyes of the blind

We’ve sworn the oath against our enemies
That we will open the gates once again
And break the borders between the worlds
So the Beast will be free again in eternity

Our worship last forever!
Track Name: The Rise of Azazel
The Rise Of Azazel

Azazel! - I summon thee
Fire-Djinn of the Southern Quarter
Be the torch
Which would ignited my soul in glorious might
Immolate me in Thy presence
Guide my steps on the path of shadows
Let me drink
From the chalice of Luciferian gnosis

Awaken now! Rise from the Mountain of Darkness
And resurrect the ancient cities of War and Sin
Initiate me by the power of the darkest dreams
Forbidden teachings of the Nephilimic Witchcraft
Horned Master of the Witches Sabbath
Light the fire between the horns
And open the inner gates to the eternal powers
and forbidden wisdom

Azza Uzza Azziel
Nephilum-Qayin Azazel!

Ignite the flames of the black light
upon the face of the earth
Your gift of knowledge
To forge the weapons of liberation
In blasphemy and fury we rebel against
the cosmic order
Proud sons of Fire
Rise at war and erase the clayborn
Track Name: The Legacy of the Ancient Ones
The Legacy of the Ancient Ones

Across the eternal seas of infinity
And beyond the blackest oceans of times
The mighty Ancient Ones lie dead but dreaming
Awaiting silently beyond the gates

They were, They are, and They shall be
The Gods of the Abyss
Behold the crawling chaos
that calls beyond the stars

Upon the oldest desert are gateways in the form of whirling columns of iridescent dust
In the day they resemble dancing pillars,
and by night glowing spires
When the rays of the 7 venerated stars
shine in their position
The ancient curse will awake
from it’s primordial slumber

At their return
mankind shall bow their heads
and serve them as lords
The prayers of the prophets
shall not prevail against them
Neither crescent nor cross nor star
can forestall their approach
When once again the heavens align
and the gate is opened

They were, They are, and They shall be
The Gods of the Abyss
Behold the crawling chaos
that calls beyond the stars

The legacy of the Ancient Ones
Upon the oldest desert are gateways in the form
of whirling columns of iridescent dust
In the day they resemble dancing pillars,
and by night glowing spires
When the rays of the 7 venerated stars
shine in their position
The ancient curse will awake
from it’s primordial slumber

From the dark stars they came before mankind existed
Unseen and loathsome
they descended to primal earth
Beneath the oceans they brooded while ages past,
till seas gave up the land whereupon the swarmed

They were, They are, and They shall be
The Gods of the Abyss
Behold the crawling chaos
that calls beyond the stars
Track Name: Within the Timeless Winds of the Beyond
Within the Timeless Winds of the Beyond

Winds of sorrow and hate
are blowing across the lands
Screams of torture and pain...
The cries of a thousand souls

Eternal - My soul drifts through the darkened realms
Frozen - Embraced by the winds of eternal frost
Timeless - The realms of primordial chaos
Immortal - The black splendid light of Lucifer

The shadows are closing in,
black clouds cover the skies
Ravens welcome me,
as I transcend through the celestial gate
It’s the realm where one falls asleep,
and awakens in Death’s eternal dream

A dimension revealed,
in the twilight between life and death
The gaping mouth of the Abyss,
awaiting to devour the cosmic creation
Track Name: Stare into the Void
Stare into the Void

I behold and see the waves roaring higher
Absu, let your waters cleanse my soul
The dark abysmal waters roar endlessly
A timeless universe without beginning or end
Through the hidden gates
within the unconscious mind
The yawning mouth of the void
will devour your dying soul

Dwelling through the oblivious sea of nothingness
Without the eye of god, shining upon my soul
I stare into the void of emptiness
Which is the nexion to the dragon’s womb
I’ve opened my eyes
to see straight into the abyss
I’ve opened my heart
to receive His eternal fire
I’ve opened my mind
to absorb eternity
I’ve sacrificed the I
to grant the powers of the all seeing eye

This is the void where all illusions
will vanish into nothingness
Illuminated by the Black Flame of Chaos
I’ve seen the blackest shadows of hell
I’ve felt the immense torture upon the cross of life
I’ve faced the deepest fears within
and embraced the infinite chaos

Forget everything you once knew
By staring deep into the void...
The void will stare back into you

Hidden caves that lead to the borders
beyond imagination
Spirits of chaos, let me dwell
to dominions of non existence
The Dark which has taken my soul
and unchained me from the wheel of life
It has granted me the keys
to immortality
Track Name: The Mysteries of the Depths
The Mysteries of the Depths

And the earth was without form, and void;
and darkness was upon the face of the deep...

Come into the depths
released from thoughts and life
Join the darkness
beyond the limited cosmos
Mysteries of realms and ages
unveiled through the dragon’s eye
As I abandon all hope
my soul drifts upon the styx
through the gates of the underworld

I can hear the whirling wings of demons
who will bring terror and despair!
Guiding me into the darkest of nightmares
into the wasteland of unending nothingness
With no regrets I transcend through the fires
of terror, making me forget my name

In the frozen depths of despair
the empty spaces between the stars
The night creatures are lurking
which never sleeps
they are ever watchful
filling my mind with the arcane wisdom
The language of the shadows

In her endless seas of blackness...
Tiamats awaits dreaming
In the sleep of death She reveals...
The mysteries of the depths

Mighty Tiamat! Let your roaring waves
wash away the human race of this earth
Track Name: Choronzon

333 - Chaos Divine
Choronzon! The dweller of the Abyss!
Bless me with your touch of Divine Madness

A curse for those who fear it
A key to unlock the doors to infinity

The arcane wisdom of shadows...
Track Name: The Legend of the Sunken Monastery
The Legend of the Sunken Monastery

Centuries ago, in times of medieval darkness
In a great ancient forest
which is born at the end of the Ice Age
An enchanted swamp
sucking all energy deep into the ground
A domain where worlds are crossing each other
Once there stood a powerful monastery
with many towers, ruled by King Clovius
who converted his life to christianity,
expecting that his people would follow in his steps
The monks lived like heathens
and sold their soul to the Devil

When darkness falls, the nocturnal creatures awaken
Gathering for the Black Mass,
to praise the One with Horns
In sinful lusts they feast upon the flesh,
Desecrating the laws of the holy trinity

On a dark winter night, the sky turned red
and lightening struck (the earth)
A thundering storm crossed the forest
and the earth split open
The monastery was swallowed into the depths
and closed
Silence reigned over the haunted fields

Hear the voice of the ancient winds
that blows over the cursed swamps
The chiming bells echoing through the night
The forlorn spirits come out of the dark,
walking slowly and staring in darkness
They walk there rounds, accompanied with prayers from their somber litanies
And when the first lights of the sun reaches
the woods they disappear into the dark abyss
Track Name: Night's Blood [Dissection cover]
Night’s Blood (Dissection cover)

Night haunts and evil lurks in every corner
Like plague it’s spreading - I behold
Loneliness, yet with you autumn night as guest
But can you hear my cries?
Permeate me, oh night, as with the forest you did
for heart is cold, cold as ice

I drown in the colour of your eye
for a black heart will only find beauty in darkness
I breathe it’s eternity to absorb the sky
where the shadows of death may lie

Feel the call - Nocturnal desire
Sorrow’s breath - Enchanting cries
Night’s blood - Taste damnation’s wine
Feel the pain - Nocturnal desire
The devil’s path of dark delight
Night’s blood - Pure damnation’s wine

Eyes are glowing, burn as hell’s fire
Mark thy wisdom in my mind

Those who never was born
but whose darkness eternally devastated
the goodness built up through milleniums
No time passed, our victory is eternal
Our scorn, our silence...
A heart dies drowning in the night’s blood
Everlasting malice for the wicked soul
Can’t resist the night’s sweet blood

Loneliness in the embrace of you autumn night
The night that froze my cries
Deep into the woods glows a fading light
I sold my soul, cold as ice

I drown in the colour of your eye
for a black heart will only find beauty in darkness
I breathe it’s eternity to absorb the sky
Where the shadows of death may lie