Back to the Source [Summon the Black Flame] [2012]

by Infinity

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Released on CD and Digi CD by New Era Productions and Obscure Abhorrence Productions in 2012.
Released digitally by INFINITY on January 22, 2017.

All music written by INFINITY, except the bonus tracks


released January 22, 2017

This album is recorded and mixed at Vortex Studio (Zevenhuizen, The Netherlands)
Recorded and mixed by B.Xul. Mastered at Necromanteion Studio by H.Xul
Layout by B.Xul

Song 1-5 are re-recorded in july-august 2009

Line up:
Balgradon Xul: vocals / drums / bassguitar
Andras: guitars
Draconis: guitars (backing vocals)


Song 6-8 are recorded in 2004 (Vortex Studio)
All instruments by B.Xul



all rights reserved


Infinity Zevenhuizen, Zuidplas, The Netherlands


"With the eternal hunger for occult gnosis, chaos and death,
we walk the path of the Adversary and praise the ancient Gods of the Abyss.
INFINITY is a channel which connects us to the Source beyond this world,
from where we spread the Devil’s poison”

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  • Dec 03
    Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Track Name: Back to the Source [Summon the Black Flame]
Back to the Source [Summon the Black Flame]

Lucifer, hear my dark call
I summon the black flame
That burns in the depths of my soul
Grant me the ancient powers and knowledge
To open the gates to eternal hell

Let the flame burn all borders of reality
So all dimensions will bleed into eachother
The rise of the ancient serpent
Who has slept for aeons
The time has come for our furious revenge

I will not tolerate celestial harmony
And (slavery) chains that lock the will
The eternal strive for total freedom
Enter the secret path across the abyss

Back to the source
Back to the primary chaos
Unleash the chains of unfaith
Come forth and destroy the mental prison
(Who’s created by christian dogma)

Feel the freezing fire burning through your spine
Back to the source, the abyss of black divine
Track Name: Autumn Storm
Autumn Storm

The wind brought fourth the sphere of death, bitterness and sorrow
Every time of the year, the storm shall reap the sky
The leaves from the trees fall back to the earth when the rain is fallin’ down
I can feel the call of the wind

As I stare at the horizon
The ravens dwell in circles
The storm shall reap the sky
Follow the autumn storm

The mighty lightning strikes the earth
When the sky is turning black
Like a blackwinged raven I fly
Towards the endless blackened sky

Finally I’ve reached the gate, the eternal frozen realm
The blood in my veins have turned to lakes of ice
Emotions are dead, only the flame of the purest hate is burning
Autumn storm, take my last breath away
Track Name: The Birth of Death
The Birth of Death

Drowning in vicious circles
Deep down in the pits of my soul
Crawling into the swamps of depression
The wings of hope are burnt by the sun
The destruction of the self
The destruction of the dream

All feelings of joy are replaced
By destructive suicidal fires
Seeing the past tearing away
Through the mist of twilight
A gate opens before my eyes
A new future is born...
The birth of death!

Down in the depths of the soul
Awaits the ocean of fire
To purify all that what once was
Back to the primal nature of the beast
Track Name: Frozen Cries
Frozen Cries

Blood runs cold through my veins
Frozen in a shadow
The memories that once where buried
They awoke from their crypt

From the darkest pits
The shadows crawling in the darkness
The suffering is endless
The pain I can’t deny

The light slowly fades
Black fog surrounds me
The only cure for the pain
Is to trow myself into the flames

A star that once shone so bright
Has vanished into the night
Beneath the buried shadows
Lies the cries frozen in time

The light has slipped away
Life is replaced by death
Dreams darken reality
As the soul is buried in the shadows
Track Name: The Ancient Shadow
The Ancient Shadow

In the deepest of my black heart
There’s a fire that will never fade
Burning full of pride
The neverending sin

Still carrying the shadow
That grows every night
All the pain I’ve taken
Makes my blood as steel

My body starts to shiver
When I enter the sphere of death
Awakened from the illusions Of time and space
What once were dark thoughts Have now come to life

Is it me or my shadow
Who’s looking through these eyes

Anubis - God of the underworld
Guardian of the gates (of Death)
Show me the ancient secrets
By bringing Death’s embrace