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Non De Hac Terra [2012]

by Infinity

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NON DE HAC TERRA Tiamat! You who existed long before the gods light and who exist in the infinity beyond the divine light We call to thee oh queen of the eternal sea
 The cycle is compleet, the aeon has reached it’s end... The stars align once again! For the seal is broken and the gate is open Awake from your sleep of death and rise from the depths of Tehom Reclaim your fallen kingdom, which sunk beneath the oceans
Bless us with your infernal poison, arise in us and set our souls aflame
Our war crie will echo through eternity... Born from the first seed of the serpent Like an outsider, lost in a strange world Fall into existence, being trapped inside out Abandon the light of day, seeking wisdom in the shadows Return to the Dragon’s womb In another time In another place With dragon wings of fire Transcend the seven gates The shells of the qlipoth are open The seed of rebellion deflowering Escape from the wheel of life Oh cold winds of death! Permeate my heart and soul Non De Hac Terra - We’re not of this earth Non De Hac Terra - Beyond the veil of illusion Non De Hac Terra - Join the other side
 Non De Hac Terra - Return to Sitra Ahra I hear the voiceless calling From the other side Through the gate of silence Into the endless night The shells of the qlipoth are open
 The seed of rebellion deflowering
 Escape from the wheel of life
 Oh cold winds of death! Permeate my heart and soul
The Opponent 05:57
THE OPPONENT Ancestors from the ancient past Lie frozen in the halls of death Within the winds from worlds beyond Memories of blood and steel lives on Lies! Corruption and depravity For your poison will not harm our souls We acuse you, oh god of spineless parasites Who created the veils and chains of slavery From the dawn of time, you try to break our spirits We refuse to bow before your cross The prison of time, a cosmic wheel of seven circles Will be transcend with wings of fire We walk the path of the adversary
 We oppose the laws of the jewish god Inverting his values in rebellion and blasphemy We are your opponent! Give praise to the angel of intolerance
 Who let the heavens tremble and the stars shatter We’ll free ourselves from this cosmic tyranny We are your opponent! Serpent of Old - Grant me the keys to Thy kingdom Serpent of Wisdom - Reveal the arcane paths 
Serpent of Light - Grant me the gnosis of the abyss Serpent of Fire - Ignite my inner flame
REGINAM AETERNUM NOCTIS Oh mighty goddess of the dark moon Dark eternal queen of the night Initiate me into your cave of shadows Into the nightside of existence Let the flying screech owls lead my way Through the forest of long forgotten dreams Let me eat from your fruits of forbidden knowledge And build the bridge to the astral realms Reunite my inner flames with the outer fires Rise and shine upon the Seven Headed Dragon This is the night of Initiation The borders between the worlds disappear Through the haze of night I wander and enter the Dragon’s Womb The gateway to the tunnels of Qlipoth Oh mighty goddess of the dark moon 
Shine your grace upon my soul
 Baptized in the black waters of the abyss
 Send forth your destructive storms and evil winds Ama Lilith, Queen of the underworld
 Who gives birth to death and through death rebirth Lead me from the labyrinth to my destiny
 Initiate me, let me become one of your Lilim Come forth and spread your dragon wings 
Fly from the garden of Eden 
Into the dessert domain of Zemargad 
Let me drink from your bloodstained chalice of gnosis
BEYOND THE STARS... In time before time In the age of eternal darkness Before the heavens and earth where put in their places In the age when the mighty Ancient Ones Were rules of all that existed and did not exist There was no Moon, there was no Sun No planets were they and no stars No grain, no tree, no plant grew Behold the masters of the Spaces unknown... Nowhere are they known, for they wait beyond the gate Until the dawn when the stars align again They slumber beneath the earth They dwell beneath the seas In the spaces between the stars In dimensions unseen Awake the Ancient Serpent The waters will be as one Break the cosmic borders Rise up to the stars From the void beyond the planes Where formless chaos reigns They shall rise up from the depths To reclaim their sunken kingdom Behold the Ancient Serpent Reclaim what once was lost Awake your chosen children Turn the earth to dust
THE GREY STONE MONUMENT Like shades we walk through the cold mist of the night Silently, holding our torches in hand In black robes we walk to the sacred ancient place We are gathered here before the grey stone monument As the burning stars align high in the night sky The swirling clouds uncover the rising comet Candle flames enlighten the altar of blood We call to the ancient gods of the abyss Priests of the darkest horror Necromancers of forbidden art This is the ancient arcana May the dead rise and smell the incence Lighten the fires, the ritual begins
 Invoke the forgotten names on the top of the mountains We raise our daggers high to the sky
 Glistening cold and sharp in the full moon light We kneel before the throne of the serpent
 We eat from the forbidden fruits (flesh of the gods) We drink from the chalice with venomous wine Mesmerised we grant the visions from the fires Shadows dancing over the burning sigils on the stone 
The incense awaken the spirits beyond this world
 From beneath the floating rock the earth starts to tremble The Serpent God arises from the depths
ONWARDS THE FUNERAL PYRE Fearsome in appearance Staring eyes of fire A protruding tongue A bloody sword and a belt with decapitated heads Goddess of destruction Queen of dissolution Guide my darkened steps As I walk into the cold void beyond this world Goddess of Death and Rebirth Awaken my inner flame Destroy the veil of illusion Into the womb of eternal night Embraced by fires eternal Reborn... a life nocturnal The ultimate reality An endless sea of flames Goddess of eternal wisdom Mistress of the night Into the womb of the dragon She reveals the mysteries of the black light Cremate the cosmic prison 
Ignite my inner flame
 With your unholy sword of fire 
I will spill the streaming blood from my veins Gaze into the flames
In the endless nowhere Beyond the veil of time Through the shadowed haze Gaze into the flames
In the endless now and here Into the dark unknown Onwards the Funeral Pyre Release my restless spirit
 Beyond the cosmic laws
 Baptise me in fire
 Guide my darkened steps through this hellish maze Beyond the walls of time
 Within the heart of death
 Upon cremation grounds
 Beyond the horror your eternal grace shines
UNHOLY SACRAMENT I scream from the mountains The words of blasphemy Burning in agony I declare cosmic anarchy Souls from the netherworld, rise through the gate The bloodcarved sigils awaken the flames to rise The bloodline of Kingu reborn Unholy Sacrament! In dark delight I cut my flesh In glorious pride I raise the chalice With pride and devotion I seal my fate in blood Forever bound to the black flame of Satan On the parchment I write my name in blood Onwards to the burning path of night Listen to the voice of silence 
Unholy Sacrament! In dark delight I heat the steel in the fire Mesmerized I chant the words of commitment With pride and devotion I burn the pentagram (...in my chest) Forever bound to the black flame of Satan Gaze into the endless pits of eternities 
I sink into it’s glorious depths 
The womb of eternal darkness is calling 
I will drown, be devoured and reborn in it’s eternal fire
THE INEVITABLE DARKNESS Isolation - Detached from the living world Like a worm, crawling into the dirt of the masses Misanthropic flames burns in my soul So unhuman ... So undivine For my soul is ancient and not of this place Cursed... to dwell among the living I call upon the storms of destruction To cleanse this world from human filth Eleven demons will rise from the deep And welcome the inevitable darkness Oppression - Rebel against all order
 Dwelling in endless circles, over and over again I despise this world with every piece of my goddamn soul! Drink the wine of perdition I call upon the storms of destruction To cleanse this world from human filth Eleven demons will rise from the deep And welcome the inevitable darkness


Released on CD and gatefold LP by New Era Productions in 2012.
Released digitally by INFINITY on January 21, 2017.

All music written by INFINITY

Line up:
Balgradon Xul: vocals, drums, bass, acoustic guitar
Draconis: guitars, backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Andras: guitars



released January 21, 2017

Non De Hac Terra is recorded and mixed at Vortex Studio (Zevenhuizen, The Netherlands) by B.Xul between June 2011 - September 2012

Mastered at Necromanteion Studio by H.Xul

Guest vocals on song 1, 2 and 8 by Dagon

Cover artwork by Necrolord

Art direction and layout by B.Xul

Photography by Andras


all rights reserved



Infinity Zevenhuizen, Zuidplas, The Netherlands


"With the eternal hunger for occult gnosis, chaos and death,
we walk the path of the Adversary and praise the ancient Gods of the Abyss.
INFINITY is a channel which connects us to the Source beyond this world,
from where we spread the Devil’s poison”

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